We are notoriously lazy and not always on a reliable connection so here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers in hopes of providing you with the information you’re looking for.

01|  What does ‘coddiwompling’ mean?
It is a slang expression which means ‘traveling in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination’. and it describes exactly what our lives look like right now.

02|  When did you start this blog and why?
We both had our own blogs for a while but merged them in the summer of 2016 to properly keep track of our adventures together.

03|  Where are you from and what languages do you speak?
As you’ve probably noticed by now, we are both not native English speakers (or writers). Ludek is from Czech Republic and speaks Czech, English and Spanish fluently, with some German and Russian on top. Sarah is from The Netherlands and speaks Dutch, English and German fluently while trying to learn some Spanish. Some of it we’ve learnt in school but most while traveling and working abroad.

04|  Do you make enough money with this blog to travel?
This blog earns us a ridiculously small amount of money, but… one day maybe 😉

05|  So how do you fund your travels?
Unfortunately we have to work like any other person. In winter we work as ski/snowboard instructors and then we normally need to find a job for one other season so we can travel about 4 or 5 months per year.

06|  Can I repost your stuff?
No 🙂 Please, feel free to share any of our posts but don’t copy and paste it anywhere, always link back and ask for permission before using our content.

07|  Can I advertise on your page?
Maybe 🙂 send us a message and we can talk about the options.

08|  Can I travel with you?
In the future we are hoping to provide some kind of tours where you can join us, until then you can always check the map on the homepage to find out where we are and send a message to get together.

09|  Can I somehow support you?
Yes, follow & like us on social media and spread the content between your friends. If you want to buy a flight ticket, book accommodation or a trip – do it via our website. We use affiliate links, it means that when you make a purchase, we get a small commission from it. No additional costs for you and it helps us to maintain this website. Thank you!

10|  My questions had now been answered, can I write you an email
Ofcourse! Just use the message field on the side. If you think it might be interesting for anyone else, go ahead and post it below in the comments instead.