9 words that mean something totally different to snowboarders

So the season has come to an end once again and I find myself in Holland talking about how my winter was but snowboard-lingo uses a lot of common words for completely different things. When I talk about the nose and tail of my board I hope you can figure out yourself what that should mean but here are some other terms that might confuse you when I talk about this sport.


Rather than the button used to turn electrical devices on and off I’m talking about riding backwards, so leading with your ‘wrong’ foot, which can be surprisingly difficult.


I don’t mean that I need to wax my legs or bikini line, because let’s face it , who does that in winter anyways? Am talking about maintenance of my precious snowboard to make sure it keeps sliding.


Still a nice place to hang out, with less trees and dogs but more obstacles.


No I don’t mean a tattooed rock-music fan but rather a type of snowboard for beginners or park-riders with an adverse camber shape, meaning that the middle of the board is touching the ground with the nose and tail arcing upwards.


Replace the cardboard with sturdy plastic, make it slightly bigger and slide over it instead of putting stuff inside.

Straight line

Not just a literary line that is straight but a verb to explain the action of going directly down the falling-line of a mountain, gaining a lot of speed.


No identical cuteness but a board that is not directional and has the bindings exactly in the middle, with equal sizes nose and tail


Not the piece of bone where your finger is stuck to your hand but the part after a jump where the flat becomes the actual piece of slope where you’re supposed to land.

I could go on about chicken salad, fish, mute and pillows but let’s leave it at this for now. Hope you all had another wonderful winter-season and bring on the spring! <3

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